QuantRiver™, Intelligent Portfolio Trading Platform by QuantRiver Systems, LLC, is a flagship of innovative trading technology solutions for institutional clients, including domestic and foreign hedge funds, banks, asset management companies, and proprietary trading firms. The platform successfully deploys the automatic Intelligent Portfolio (orders and positions) Management System, providing an access to multiple types of instruments and exchanges at the same time.

QuantRiver's features include:

Global market data stream
Advanced order routing to global exchanges
Multi-Instrumental platform (equities, options, other)
Multi-Account trading by one user
Advanced basket trading
Advanced customization based on flexible architecture
Advanced modules for portfolio management, risk management, etc.
Flexible connectivity to third party trading platform via FIX or proprietary based protocols
Advanced smart order routing
Algorithmic and Black Box Trading
API connectivity for Black Box order routing through proprietary protocol
Advanced charting and order entry screens
Integration with OMS, back office

Disclaimer: System response and access times may vary due to market conditions, system performance, and other factors.

Our Mission

QuantRiver Financial is a brokerage boutique bringing an advanced technological edge to institutional clients across the globe. QuantRiver Financial facilitates:

Direct access to global markets
Automatic intelligent portfolio trading
Algorithmic and black box trading
Instantaneous automatic    management of multiple accounts
Risk management

Our technology solutions, combined with high-quality service, enable institutions to realize efficient execution and improved cost control.